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Good Foods Project?


We define ourselves by what and how we eat. Each bite of food has a story. Our project wants to uncover and share those stories. GFP is driven by a simple, singular question: what is good food? We suspect plenty of delicious answers are out there, and we’ve got a hankering to hunt them down.

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Whatever good food may be, it is certainly a labor of love, the cliché secret ingredient of every grandmother’s cooking, and the one that cannot be faked. This project is no exception. At its heart, GFP is a love story. As a guiding principal of this project, we believe good food happens with passion. As cooks, eaters, drinkers, revelers and raconteurs, our mission is to honor that passion, seek it out where it exists, and share it with others.


Going Places…



Good food is happening everywhere. And it can mean different things in different places to different people. Some of these ideas are timeless, even ancient, rooted firmly in our traditions. Others are much more modern, exciting, and weird, pushing the boundaries of culinary possibility and imagination. We want to explore them all.


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Having spent over twenty years in the food service industry, there is one other key ingredient we already know goes into good food – hard work. In our quest to seek out good food, we intend to support those people pouring themselves into their craft – be they farmers, cooks, bakers, shopkeepers, bartenders, or grandmothers, so many people are and have been logging the long hours and demanding labor necessary to put good food within our reach. We want to find them and share their stories. But mostly eat their food (and encourage others to do the same). Good food doesn’t come easy, and the people devoting themselves to making this world taste a little better deserve recognition, success, and probably a cool, refreshing drink.

Wherever we encounter good food in our travels, we’ll highlight it here.


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Eat whatever you want and let ‘em fight it out inside.
— Mark Twain