The Adventure(s) Begins!


Step 1(ish): Dream A Dream

For the better part of the last year I’ve been dreaming of a smaller life made bigger by the stretch of road in front of and behind me. I imagined a cozy life in a tiny home on wheels, visiting new places and creating a growing intimacy with former strangers as I infiltrated their communities. Seeking new ways to source, prepare, and share the food of our nation, starting in the upper left corner and sweeping around in a big ‘ol loop.


Step 2: Find a partner in crime

What can I say, sometimes we just get lucky in love. After over a decade of comically miss-matched tinder dates, the occasional romantic re-wind and long bouts of embracing my strength and independence as a single person, I had resigned to enjoying a life of quiet solitude. Similar to always finding something in the last place you saw it, this is, as they say, when you find your someone. An artist, a chef and a thinker/dreamer just as I am.


Step 3: Make A Home

This week we decided to purchase the trailer my room mate parked in our front yard as a someday project, to make our right now project. A breezy 170 ft2 to call our own. She’s got good bones: four mostly water proof walls, working electrical and plumbing and lots of light. Now to rip it out and shake it up. Look out America, here we come! Follow us on instagram for project and trailer renovation updates.

Jessie Poole